The Hamilton & District Electrical Contractors Association for over 90 years has been the local voice for independent licensed contractors.

We represent contractors, distributors, manufacturers, utilities and ESA. Our chapter is affiliated with the Ontario Electrical League providing a provincial forum for our local voice, and access to group discounts, training and other offers.

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Plug-in for Safety

Electrical Safety

Use a Licensed Electrical Contractor for your own safety! Using a Licensed Electrical Contractor will get the job done right and safely. Electrical work can be complicated.

Licensed Contractors in your area

We give back to our local communities.

Through our own fund raising initiatives we have raised and donated over $100,000 to local charities or school programs involving children.

Wiring is complicated!

All electrical contracting businesses now require a provincial licence from the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority to operate in Ontario.

Before you hire an electrician or electrical contractor check to see that they have an Electrical Contractor´s Licence.

It´s not just a precaution. It´s the law.

Doing electrical? Call us before you start.

Electrical Safety Authority

The Electrical Safety Authority is responsible for enforcing a level of public electrical safety across Ontario that will keep the residents safe where they live, work and play.

Renovating, or simply altering?

Anytime you do any electrical work in your home ensure electrical installations have been inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority and you have a "Certificate of Inspection" that your electrical work meets the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

ESA/Horizon Utilities night

All – Thank you for making last night’s event a great success. 67 people attending. Great presentations on ESA topics and Net Metering. Informative presentation on Safe Clearances. Potential 5 new members. Good discussions and food. I really appreciate the contribution of the HDECA, the ESA and Horizon staff to get these important communications to the electrical industry participants in our territory. This is a very effective partnership. Regards, Tom Weaver, P.Eng. Manager, Customer Connections.

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Do you have your new 2015 Ontario Code book?

The new code book will come into effect on May 5 2016 and will be enforced for all electrical installations in Ontario

Green Energy Act

Any system that produces even small amounts of electricity can be potentially dangerous, creating the possibility of electrocution and fire hazards.